CAD Services

Designers have a greater need today to focus on creativity and implementation. Architectural design and drafting needs to be top-flight every time for the designer to make a mark on the world stage. We understand the need to focus on production of error-free drawings. We specialize in drafting CAD, CAD conversion services and a host of other disciplines.We bring to the table a team and a process that understands your work and delivers per your needs. Our Architectural CAD Drafting Outsourcing Services include

CAD Service offerings

  • Architectural Drafting Services from a free hand sketch
  • Drafting from a red-lined PDF
  • Editing CAD files from mark-ups
  • Correcting CAD standards
  • 2D to 3D CAD conversion
  • Raster to Vector CAD conversion
  • Image to CAD conversion

      Our teams consist of qualified architects with experience of working on projects around the globe We convert all type of architectural, engineering and various technical drawings to the format our clients need, within a stipulated time Each team is led by a senior architect and supported by our in house quality assurance team to ensure that the final output is accurate and reliable.Try out our services by sending a sample project for estimation. Do remember to ensure the following are part of your RFQ:

      • Sample project in CAD and PDF
      • CAD standards
      • Input files
      • The Brief – outlining the task to be performed
      • Schedule of deliverables